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Chehalis Forest Defense

Chehalis River Basin

The Chehalis River Watershed is Western Washington's largest watershed, it is home to the Chehalis Tribe who have been stewards of it since time in memorial. The river was once home to some of the most productive old-growth forests on earth, now only a few rare sections of legacy forests remain, nearly all of which could be gone by 2030 unless we act now.


to protect this regions last legacy forest.

Old growth tree in the "McCannon" timber sale

Carbon Project

Western Washington

The Carbon Project would protect an estimated 4,000 acres of irreplaceable lowland legacy forests. Some of these forests are well over a century old, and provide rare, critical habitat for sensitive and endangered wildlife.


to support the Carbon Project and restore the moratorium on logging 120-year old forests.

Forest managed by DNR in upper Chehalis River watershed.

Last Crocker Appeal

Jefferson County

In December 2023, the Legacy Forest Defense Coalition appealed the "Last Crocker" timber sale in Jefferson County Superior Court. Hundreds of timber sales like this one undermine DNR's ability to fulfill its legal commitments to restore old growth forests.


about our lawsuit against DNR.

DNR continues to violate its own policies and legal commitments by logging the oldest remaining lowland legacy forests.

Breaking Bud

Kitsap Peninsula

The Breaking Bud timber sale would destroy part of one of the last remaining, century-old lowland forests in the Tahuya River watershed. Some of the trees in these forests are over three feet in diameter and 160 feet tall.


to stop this destructive timber sale.

Huge Douglas fir tree
to be cut as part of the Breaking Bud timber sale.


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