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Carbon Project

Western Washington

The Carbon Project would protect an estimated 4,000 acres of irreplaceable lowland legacy forests. Some of these forests are well over a century old, and provide rare, critical habitat for sensitive and endangered wildlife.


to support the Carbon Project and restore the moratorium on logging 120-year old forests.

Forest managed by DNR in upper Chehalis River watershed.


Pacific County

This timber sale would clearcut close to 135 acres of mature, structurally complex forest that had previously been classified as protected habitat and included as part of the Long-Term Conservation Strategy for the Marbled Murrelet.


about our lawsuit against DNR.

Large Cedar in the "Freedom" timber sale


Thurston County

The Starwagon Timber Sale targets most of the remaining legacy forests in the section of Capital State Forest North of Highway 8. Unit 1 of this timber sale targets some of the highest quality legacy forest remaining in the black hills.


to save this rare legacy forest.

Old growth tree in the "Starwagon" timber sale

Stilly Revisited

Snohomish County

The Stilly Revisited Timber Sale is located above the banks of the North Fork Stillaguamish River, just downstream of the 2014 Oso landslide. An old growth assessment conducted by DNR found that much of this area has never been logged, and includes “scattered” old growth fir and cedar trees that are up to 400 years old. This beautiful forest is one of the last of its kind in the Puget Sound lowlands.


to save this rare legacy forest.

Old growth snag in the "Stilly Revisited" timber sale

Breaking Bud

Kitsap Peninsula

The Breaking Bud timber sale would destroy part of one of the last remaining, century-old lowland forests in the Tahuya River watershed. Some of the trees in these forests are over three feet in diameter and 160 feet tall.


to stop this destructive timber sale.

Huge Douglas fir tree
to be cut as part of the Breaking Bud timber sale.


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