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Carbon Project

Western Washington

The Carbon Project would protect an estimated 4,000 acres of irreplaceable lowland legacy forests. Some of these forests are well over a century old, and provide rare, critical habitat for sensitive and endangered wildlife.


to support the Carbon Project and restore the moratorium on logging 120-year old forests.

Forest managed by DNR in upper Chehalis River watershed.

Wishbone timber sale

Snoqualmie River Watershed

The Wishbone timber sale would destroy some of the last remaining, century-old lowland forests in the Lower Snoqualmie River watershed. Some of the trees in these forests are close to four feet in diameter and 200 feet tall.


and tell him to oppose the destruction of this irreplaceable forest.

Local tribes harvest bark from cedar trees in this forest, a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Mm Mm Good

North River Headwaters

This timber sale would cut a large hole through the center of one of the largest remaining legacy forests in the North River watershed. If the logging continues, there will be virtually no native forests left in Southwestern Washington.


to save the last remaining native forests in Southwest Washington.

Joshua Wright looks out over a grove of large Douglas fir and cedar trees.

Juneau timber sale

Capitol State Forest near
Mima Falls

DNR has plans to log virtually all remaining legacy forests in south of Olympia within the next ten years.  Juneau would clearcut the last remaining natural forest remnant near Mima Falls, a popular tourist destination.


to stop this wasteful and destructive timber sale.

Huge 56-inch diameter Douglas fir tree
to be cut as part of the Juneau timber sale

Sure Wood timber sale

Kitsap Peninsula

Only about 2,000 acres of natural, older lowland forest remain in Mason County. That's about 3% of lands managed by DNR in the county, and less than 1% of forests countywide. The Sure Wood timber sale would destroy up to 160 acres, or about 8% of what little remains.


to save this rare legacy forest.

Large fir and cedar trees slated to be cut down as part of the Sure Wood timber sale.

Brokedown Palace

Middle Fork Nooksack River

A battle is raging in Whatcom County over the fate of this beautiful and unique legacy forest. The proposed timber sale sits high up on the slopes the Middle Fork Nooksack River canyon.


to learn what you can do to help save this priceless legacy forest.

View overlooking the Middle Fork Nooksack River canyon.


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