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Legacy Forest Defense Coalition

The Legacy Forest Defense Coalition was founded to draw public attention to the destruction of our publicly owned legacy forests, and build support for their conservation, through research, education, litigation, and advocacy.


Mature and old growth forests in Western Washington are rapidly disappearing, as the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) auctions them off to logging companies with virtually no oversight, public input, or media attention.  These rare and unique, low elevation forest remnants located along the west coast of Washington State and across the Puget Sound Region belong to all of us and represent an important part of our natural heritage.  The Legacy Forest Defense Coalition is working to stop the senseless clearcutting of these last few remaining, older, un-planted legacy forests.


LFDC is working to scout out, document, photograph, and draw attention to high priority legacy forests that are currently threatened by logging across Western Washington. Our actions have already stopped hundreds of acres of irreplaceable, older legacy forests from being clearcut.

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Stephen Kropp

Stephen Kropp, founder of the Center for Responsible Forestry and Legacy Forest Defense Coalition, has worked as an environmental advocate, project coordinator, water resources engineer, forest hydrologist, and private consultant in the Pacific Northwest for almost 30 years.  He earned his BS in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, and a Master's degree in Public Administration at the University of Washington in Seattle.  As a graduate and post-graduate research assistant, he worked with the UW College of Forest Resources, the Center for Urban Water Resource Management, the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Columbia Basin Research on a wide variety of projects.  While working for the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon, he developed an intense interest in plant taxonomy and community ecology.  His passion for forest ecology and conservation began as a young child living near the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and continues to fuel his desire to conserve our shared natural heritage.


Joshua Wright

Joshua Wright is an award-winning filmmaker and a youth forest defense activist, working for the preservation of the more than human world. He works with the Legacy Forest Defense Coalition as a forest campaigner in WA to protect the last naturally regenerated forests on state lands. In British Columbia, he uses satellite imagery to track the logging of endangered old-growth forests and works with lead researchers to protect endangered species living in threatened old growth forests. He was a part of the Fairy Creek Blockade which facilitated the largest active civil disobedience in Canadian history. He is a board member of Mason County Climate Justice and has been involved with groups including Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion.


Soumya Keefe is a recent graduate from the Colorado College Environmental Studies Program. At Colorado College, she completed research investigating how societies transform and applied those theories to urban agriculture. She examined what factors are necessary for widespread lasting change to occur in ways that create more sustainable and just food systems. She worked for Pierce Conservation District as the Harvest Pierce County Intern, supporting the network of community gardens there. Soumya is passionate about using both legal and policy based solutions in tandem with grassroots movements to enact social change. She is excited to bring her unique perspective and experience to Legacy Forest Defense Coalition, and work to preserve Washington’s natural forests. 

Soumya Keefe


Kyle Krakow

Kyle Krakow is an activist and photographer living in Washington. Since 2010, he has worked with a range of nonprofits focused on forests, wildlife, climate justice, mutual aid, and housing. Kyle grew up near the Everglades where he fell in love with the outdoors and earned a BS in Geography from Florida Atlantic University. Before moving west, he spent nearly a decade campaigning against the international primate trade while supporting projects to end deforestation and fossil fuel financing. He volunteers as a tree-climbing research assistant for Ancient Forest Society and collaborated on campaigns with Rainforest Action Network before joining LFDC. Kyle is committed to fighting for forests and all the life they sustain.


Andy Zahn

Andy Zahn is a distinguished photographer, videographer, and writer living and working in rural Southwest Washington. Andy grew up on a small farm and developed at a young age a deep appreciation for the wild landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, a fascination with the intricate workings of ecosystems, and a fervent desire to protect our natural environment. Andy’s work is widely published, and he has years of experience working with non-profits, including the Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, for whom he has created videos showcasing the refuge, as well as given photography classes as part of local events. His nature videos from around the Pacific Northwest have been featured on “Right This Minute”. Andy is an outspoken advocate for conservation.


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