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Legacy forests are defined as forests that retain significant biological, structural, and genetic legacies of the natural and old growth forests that once dominated the Pacific Northwest.  These natural forests, which were often selectively logged prior to World War II, and allowed to grow back on their own, are the closest thing to old growth that remains in most lowland watersheds of Western Washington.

13.2 percent

of DNR managed lands in Western Washington are classified as legacy or old growth forests.*

112,000 acres

of legacy forests are unprotected and at risk of logging. This represents 53% of DNR managed mature forests.

17,000 acres

Of legacy forest are scheduled for logging in the next five fiscal years 2024-2029.

* Based on LiDAR, DNR  inventory data, LFDC proprietary modeling and timber sale data from December 2023.


Each month, hundreds of acres of legacy forests are sold at auction by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.  If the logging continues, these forests will gone in many parts of Western Washington within the next ten years.

We are holding the DNR accountable.


The Legacy Forest Defense Coalition is a science-based nonprofit organization that is leading the fight to save Western Washington's last legacy forests through precedent-setting lawsuits, comprehensive timber sale reconnaissance, effective community organizing, powerful tribal and county partnerships and cutting edge research and GIS analysis.


Our work is made possible thanks to the support we receive from people like you.

Timber Sale Reconnaissance 

LFDC conducts surveys of on priority timber sales months, and sometimes years before they are scheduled to be auctioned. This includes documenting forest structure, old growth trees, rare ecosystems and other ecological features. 

Submitting SEPA Comments 

Several months before a timber sale is auctioned DNR will open a two week public comment period (SEPA). We will file comprehensive comments on timber sales of concern. If we discovered rare species/ecosystems we alert DNR. 

Organizing & Public Awareness

Before a priority timber sale is presented for approval to the Board of Natural Resources (which usually happens the month before its scheduled auction date), we will meet with counties, tribes, host forest walks and raise awareness about the sale. 

Appealing DNR Timber Sales

 If other strategies have failed to stop a destructive timber sale and the Board of Natural Resources approves it for auction in violation of their HCP, we often file appeal the timber sale in court and seek an injunction to stop the logging.

Ecosystem-Based Planning

 Beyond fighting for individual timber sales we work with tribes and counties to create landscape level plans to protect and restore legacy forests while analyzing the impacts to trust beneficiaries and the timber industry.






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